Nov. 24th, 2013

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The good thing about needing to go to the (great big beautiful) main branch of the county library to get my tests proctored is that it drags me to the library. And yes, it does say a lot about my recent mental and emotional health that I have had to be dragged to the library. You might have noticed a dearth of book reviews around here lately. I apologize. Or I apologize for bringing them back, depending on whether or not you’re just here for the fic. It also says a lot about my mental and emotional health lately that I haven’t read Sarah Rees Brennan’s two most recent solo endeavors until now.

Kami Glass has had a voice in her head since before she can remember, like an imaginary friend that she just never grew out of. Now that she’s in high school, this makes her more than a little weird, but she has other things to think about, like starting up the school newspaper she has christened the Nosy Parker, or trying to find some kind of dark and delicious secret in Sorry-in-the-Vale, the small English village where she has lived all her life. But when the Lynburns, the old leading family of Sorry-in-the-Vale come back, and Kami's imaginary friend isn’t so imaginary anymore, the prospect of a dark village secret stops being fun and starts being a deadly reality. And if Kami is to find the secret out before it finds her, all she has to go on are the people of Sorry-in-the-Vale, who aren’t talking, the Lynburns themselves, who definitely aren’t talking, and an eerie local children’s rhyme:

“Forest deep, silent bells
There's a secret no one tells
Valley quiet, water still
Lynburns watching on the hill
Apples red, corn gold
Almost everyone grows old”

Trigger warning (and it seems like everything I read lately needs one) for murder, animal cruelty, abusive families, and really f***ed up childhoods.

“The Lynburns built this town on their blood and bones.” “That was their first mistake,” Jared said. “They should've built a city on rock and roll.” )

I can’t believe it took me this long to read Unspoken. It’s amazing, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Sarah Rees Brennan can be found all over the internet, for example, as [ profile] sarahtales on livehournal, on tumblr at, and on her own website, If you like her books, I advise checking out her web presences. She likes to post short stories in the universes of her novels.


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