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Hi, I'm Fish, a college student and aspiring young adult fantasy novelist, which apparently makes a pretty common fish. I'm writing the third and final (before I go a-querying) draft of my first novel, and it doesn't much resemble the original concept at all.

As far as fanfiction goes, at the moment I stick to Harry Potter, White Collar, and Avatar the Last Airbender as my fandoms.

My fanfiction stories

Avatar the Last Airbender


Ice Flows Through
Summary: After the ocean spirit mistakenly drags him down to the bottom of the sea and Yue uses her new abilities as the moon spirit to bring him back to life, Zuko struggles to learn waterbending. Meanwhile, the fire spirits begin to visit, a Dai Li agent to remind him of whom he once was.


Drink it Down
Summary: For the Kyoshi Warriors, capture and imprisonment in the Fire Nation means learning a thousand new ways to fight.
Word Count: ~5500

Five Worlds in which Sokka Never Did Manage to Propose to Suki, and One in which He Didn't Have To
Summary: There are so many ways for it to blow up in their faces, but that's what makes it fun.
Word Count: ~1500

Glass Faces
Summary: Koh the Face Stealer steals a new face.
Word Count: ~2000

Holding This Breath
Summary: The problem with Zuko's exile is that every ocean has become enemy waters for a Fire Nation Prince, and when his ship is captured by the Northern Water Tribe, he has nowhere to turn for help.
Word Count: ~7000

Move the Mountains that Aren't There
Summary: AU from Episode 3.16: The Southern Raiders. Azula wanted this, didn't she? This was her decision. All of this was her choice, and she didn't make mistakes.
Word Count: ~3000

Only Truly Dead
Summary: The Fire Nation might have destroyed the Air Nomads and scattered their ashes to the winds, but their descendants still remain.
Word Count: ~7000

Quiet Shadowed Places
Summary: AU, Blinded in the Agni Kai when he was thirteen, Prince Zuko meets Jet on the ferry to Ba Sing Se.
Word Count: ~2400

Trail the Footsteps of Shadows
Summary: She blows into Toph's life like a flurry of snowflakes, and Ty Lee promises that this time, she won't melt away.
Word Count: ~2750

Versions of Themselves
Summary: Tui and La are different from Yue and La: The Moon and the Ocean in ten drabbles.
Word Count: 1000

Whistling up a Storm
Summary: After Katara leaves the Northern Water Tribe, Pakku must confront the changes she has wrought.
Word Count: ~2500

Yesterday's Flame
Summary: When Zuko and his uncle brought Jet home from under Lake Laogai, they had no idea he was a firebender, or just how deep his hatred for the Fire Nation really ran.
Word Count: ~7500

Harry Potter:


Children of Mars
Summary: Despite James Potter's heroism, Severus Snape does not escape the Shrieking Shack unscathed. When Remus Lupin bites him, Severus has to face a full share in Lupin's secret while whispers of a new Dark Lord grow louder every day.

No Difference
Summary: After Harry talks to Dumbledore in Deathly Hallows, he takes a little detour to Spinner’s End, back before it was Snape’s house, back when it belonged to a woman named Eileen Prince. Snape couldn’t be angrier that Harry is his father.
Word Count: ~100,000


A May 2nd Carol
Summary: After Nagini bites him, Severus is visited by the spirits of the Marauders. (Follows the basic plot of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol)
Word Count: ~6000

Summary: When Snape threatens to expel his son, James is forced to confront a few uncomfortable truths.
Warnings: James lives, Slytherin Harry
Word Count: ~2100

Summary: Severus Snape, high ranking Death Eater and Headmaster of Hogwarts, finds out that his son is not his own when the boy's glamour begins to break. Part of the Good People and Death Eaters AU.
Warnings: AU
Word Count: ~6600

Closing Doors
Summary: Sirius knows too much and says too much.
Word Count: ~2000

Fairytale Princess
Summary: As her son grows up, Eileen watches Lily Evans, James Potter and Tom Riddle.
Notes: Part of the No Difference universe
Word Count: ~2375

Literary Minds
Summary: Severus takes his younger brother to meet his favorite author.
Notes: Part of the No Difference universe
Word Count: ~2000

Summary: Harry faces the Dark Lord for the first time and learns the true price of failure. Part of the Good People and Death Eaters AU.
Warnings: AU
Word Count: ~4600

Summary: An affair with Lily causes Sirius more trouble than he anticipated, and Snape's around to enjoy it. Sirius is Harry's father.
Word Count: ~3750

Paying Off Debts
Summary: Peter pays his debts as best he can.
Word Count: ~2000

Summary: A Death Eater meeting brings into focus James Potter's place in Voldemort's new society. Part of the Good People and Deatheaters AU.
Warnings: AU
Word Count: ~4000

The Fourth Wall
Summary: Mary-Sue Cartwright is a normal Hogwarts student who writes fanfiction about her favorite local celebrity.
Word Count: ~1000

White Collar:


Air Becoming Glass
Summary: The walls between dimensions are made of glass, and sometimes they break.
Warnings: AU
Word Count: ~3,750

Down to Sleep
Summary: The first two weeks after Neal gets out again, the world is spinning too fast, and he can't catch his breath.
Warnings: Vampire AU
Word Count: ~2,850

Jewel in the Dust
Summary: Moz worries that Neal's changing. Episode tag for episode 1.7, Free Fall.
Word Count: ~1,500

Summary: Neal has more than one secret he's keeping from Peter, but as Peter draws closer to one, he draws closer to all of them. Dragon!Neal AU.
Word Count: ~3,000

The Life and Times of Ezra Smith
Summary: In which Neal burns an alias, Moz gets cabin fever, Kate plays Scheherazade, and Diana and Clinton amuse themselves at the expense of others.
Word Count: ~2,700

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