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You know, when I read the finale of The Search and rewatched the last few episodes of Korra, I thought I was going to maybe gloat a little about being right about Zuko being Ozai's biological son after all, maybe ask if Wan's chase scene at the start of "Beginnings part one" reminded anybody else of Aladdin and "One Jump Ahead", or maybe laugh a little at Tenzin not being able to enter the Spirit World (Which makes absolutely perfect sense), but then I watched "A New Spiritual Age".  And all I can do is flail quietly in the corner, because JINORA IS IN DANGER, AND THE AIRBABIES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE IN DANGER.  THIS IS NOT OKAY!  Oh my poor heart.  It does not help that my heart was a larger than usual target, given how much it had swelled with happiness upon seeing Iroh and his Spirit World tea party loving, pai sho playing, helpful advice giving, self, and also little Korra, and her adorable, sad, frightened, tough little self.

On another note, this season of Korra has just been jossing all of my lovely avatarverse worldbuilding headcanons, one right after another.  Professor Zei is a dessicated, mostly skeletal corpse, and not a newborn knowledge spirit, which makes me saaaaaad.  Actually, there goes almost all of my headcanon for how Wan Shi Tong and his library worked.  I mean, all of it.  However, Wan combining with Vatuu instead of Rava gives a good mechanism for my mirrorverse/eldritch abomination!avatar verse.  I do like that we have some implication that most people don't go to the spirit world when they die, and "Beginnings" strongly suggested (as had episodes in A:tLA more mildy suggested) that everybody reincarnates, not just the Avatar.

I was also struck by just how much the mountain that the dragonbird nest was on, when it was surrounded by dark energy, looked like Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings, and also like Death Mountain in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before you beat the Fire Temple.  Because is it just me or has this season had a lot of homages in it?
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