attackfish: Jet and Zuko fighting in the teashop, text "Obviously this is the place to come if you want to get murdered by lunatics" (Jet Juko TDL quote)
I wrote these drabbles for rounds 76-100 of [ profile] avatar_500 which has now come to the end of it's natural life.

76: Space - Cavernous (200) Asami, It's easier to pretend he still takes care of her. )

77: Lotus - Flowers in the Snow (350) Korra and her White Lotus guards, She's a little girl alone. )

78: Truce - The Sun Sets Burning (300) Ursa and Iroh, he understands why she had to do it. Part of the Zenith and Nadir verse. )

79: Tomb - Morning (200) Zuko and the Fire Sages, To his son, his death is like the sunrise. )

80: Tryst - A Maiden's Dishonor (200) Yue, Yue is free and unmoored. Part of the Zenith and Nadir verse )

81: Kind - What Comes Unforeseen (200) Yue and Pakku, It's the natural conclusion of what he had begun. )

82: Greed - Deserving (275) Zuko, Back then, love had seemed like a fever dream. )

83: Loyalty - If We Never Meet Again (450) Mai and Ty Lee, It feels like the end. )

84: Hide - Corridor of Ghosts (200) Mai and Azula, A children's game. )

85: Creep - Sacred Duty (200) Aang, It's too late to avoid killing. )

86: Mood - Daring One (250) Mai, her mother, and Azula, Mai can only push so far. )

87: Lie - At Home (150) Asami, The lies in our own mind become worn and comfortable. )

88: Circle - A Sweet Sound (120) Zuko and Lin, To him, the word means family. )

89: Look - Open to the Possibilities (275) Aang and the second Bumi, Aang isn't going to stop looking. )

90: Find - Examples (200) Mai and Ozai, She has all the bad examples she needs. )

91: Character - Live With It (200) Aang and Ozai, Power is a cold thing. )

92: Stare - Flower Chains and Teapots (150) Zuko, Zuko has lost. )

93: Glass - Fire Snipe Hunt (300) Zuko and his crew, If they had ever had the opportunity to read Lewis Caroll, they would tell you they had gone through the looking glass. )

94: Weak - Pure Ideals (150) OCs, Hisa listens when others speak. )

95: Knock - Like Tears in the Sun (350) Katara, Toph, and Zuko, They go to each other. )

96: Run - Like the Wind (350) Korra and Tenzin, How do you teach a girl who has been locked away her whole life about freedom? )

97: Truth - Cold Dark Clouds Wrapped Around (250) Ty Lee and Azula, Ty Lee has always known she was safest when the lies she tells herself match the ones Azula tells her. )

98: Whisper - Circus (200) Ty Lee, No one told her her leaving was the easy part. )

99: Wise - Poking at Her (175) Katara, Somehow Katara became the wise old woman others look to. )

100: Betray - Friend (250) Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, and Zuko, That word doesn't mean the same thing to Azula that it means to everyone else. )
attackfish: Jet and Zuko fighting in the teashop, text "Obviously this is the place to come if you want to get murdered by lunatics" (Jet Juko TDL quote)
Written for [ profile] avatar_500 prompt #59, Escape.

Summary: He's betraying his entire culture.  She doesn't know what she's doing.

The Rising New Moon

Yue touched the betrothal necklace hanging from her throat.  "I don't know how to thank you."

The old waterbending master scowled in the darkness.  "For starters, you can give me back that necklace."

She pulled off her mitten.  Her fingers found the knot and pulled it free, and as she handed him the necklace, he clasped her hand.  "Good bye, Master Pakku."

"You remember the waterbending form I showed you?" he asked voice harsh with the same kind of resentful guilt her one time betrothed had shown her every time he showed her the one and only waterbending move he had consented to teach her, a wave to push her boat along.

She nodded.  "I'll be okay."

"You're sure you remember how to use the line and tackle?"  She nodded to him again.  "And the net?  And the spears?  If you break one, can you repair it?"

"Don't worry, Master Pakku," she told him, stepping onto her boat.  "Really, I'm not your problem anymore.  I can take care of myself."

He gave her one last, disbelieving look and waved goodbye.  "Good luck, girl."

Yue whirled her arms, and her boat drifted away from the dock.  "Thank you," she said again.


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