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Written for the [ profile] comment_fic prompt: "Aang, passing on the noble art of fruit pies"

The Fruits of his Labors

"You left me with Kya again."  Bumi scowled at him, his clown's face struggling with the unfamiliar expression.  "I was stuck babysitting the twerp for days.  Again."

"I'm sorry."  Aang sat on the low wall his son leaned mutinously against.  "But you know I had to go to Republic City for the festival, and you really can't expect your mom not to go when there's an earthquake and they need healers, and you're more than old enough to watch out for your sister for a few days."

"You took Tenzin."

"Ohhhhhhhh."  Aang's eyebrows shot up.  A thousand excuses fluttered on the tip of his tongue.  Tenzin had to see the festival if he's going to lead the Air Nomads some day.  You would have been bored.  Kya would have tried to jump of Appa's back again.  But none of that took away the queasy feeling just under his ribs.  "That's what this is really about.  You're jealous.

Bumi shot him a look filled with meaning, most of it about how his father was an idiot.  "You should have taken Kya too."

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I kind of think she felt just as stuck with you as you did with her."  Aang sighed his-why-can't-you-be-nicer-to-your-siblings sigh and rubbed his face with one hand.  "And I bet she feels just as jealous as you do."

"I'm not jealous!" he could hear Bumi squawk behind him as he walked away.


Bumi answered the knock on his door to see his dad standing in the hall with one of those grins he got sometimes where everyone could see his back teeth. "Yeah?"

Somehow, his dad's enormous grin managed to widen.  "Come on, Bumi, I've got something to show you."

"What is it?"  Bumi put his hand on the top of the door and leaned on it as he waited for his dad to answer.

"It's an Air Nomad thing," his dad said.

And just like that, the thin thread of excitement that had been building in him unravelled.  "I'll go get Tenzin."
A hand on his shoulder stopped him.  "I didn't say I had something to show Tenzin."


Bumi licked fruit filling off his finger while his dad used his airbending to make little puffy swirls of the stuff on top of each fruit pie. "So do you have to use airbending to get the puffs, or..."

"Nah, you can whip it into a froth by hand too."  His dad took a pair of jars off the shelf and poured them each half full with fruit pie filling.  He handed one to Bumi and took the other one for himself, checking to make sure the lids were tightly screwed on.  Then, he shook the jar, hard enough to make the filling pound the glass walls of the jar.  "Go on, shake it.  You're trying to get air into the filling, this is how you do it."

Bumi shook it experimentally, wrenching it up and down as hard as he could, and glanced at his dad, who smiled.  Bumi shook it some more.  He shook it until there was just the faintest layer of puff on the top of the filling, and his arms were starting to hurt.

"Of course," his dad said thoughtfully, still shaking his jar.  "This way is an awful lot of work for something you're just going to throw in someone's face."

Bumi looked up at his dad, feeling a slow grin spread its way across his face.


The pies exploded on impact, sending berry and mango flavored goo and bits of crust in every direction.  Kya shrieked with rage as Tenzin pulled himself up to his full diminutive hight, swelling with indignation.  "You, you, you Bumi!" he howled.

"I'm going to get you for this Bumi," his sister yelled.  "Don't you dare think I won't!"  She shook gobbets of pie of her sleeves.  "Ugh," she whined.  "It's in my hair."

Bumi glanced back at his father, bubbling over with laughter, only to see he had disappeared, leaving him to face his siblings' wrath alone. And he took two of the pies with him too, that jerk!

Well, at least now he knew exactly who his last two pies were going to be for, oh yes.

He leaned over the balcony railing and stuck his tongue out at his brother and sister, snickering breathlessly at the sight of them covered in orange and purple, before dashing down the corridor, pies in hand, hot on his dad's heels.

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