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Written for the [community profile] white_lotus, Lunar New Year Exchange, as treats for [personal profile] such_heights, [personal profile] eruthros, and [personal profile] jack_of_none respectively.

Maiden Voyage

He hovered outside her window like an oversized mosquito-flea, and Lin shoved open the shutter.  "What?"

Tenzin gave her a small, nervous smile.  "Good evening to you too, Lin."

"Your sister got me grounded.  I'm still grounded.  I'm not in the mood."

"I have never gotten you grounded."  He shot her a conspiratorial look.  "How long has it been since your feet touched the earth, Lin?"

"Get to the point."  She folded her arms.  It had been almost a week, and he knew it, and it made her want to punch him.

He sat up straighter on Oogie's back.  "I think that some time communing with your element would do you a world of spiritual good.  Say at that big rock garden southeast of town?"

Lin hid a smile.  "You trying to get me grounded too?"

He looked down.  "It's just Dad said Oogie's grown up enough to carry a passenger now, and I wanted the first person I took to be you."

Lin glanced back at the wooden floor of her room, up on the second floor, where her mother wouldn't come unless she had to.  Thrusting her feet out the window, she slid out and onto Oogie's back.  "Let's get out of here before somebody sees us."

He flicked the reigns.  "If you thought you deserved to be grounded, would you have come with me?"

Lin shrugged.  "If you thought I deserved to be grounded, would you have asked me to come?"

"I forgot about you being grounded."


Sink like a Stone

"So, law and order," Katara says, letting it hang.

"Shut up."  Toph stands with her arms and legs spread wide, looking as large and imposing as she can.  She isn't fooling anybody, though, least of all Katara.

"You're going to have to lead by example, you know," she tells her, trying hard not to gloat, and harder still not to lecture.  "You're going to have to follow the law perfectly.  No more rule breaking for Toph Bei Fong."

Toph's mouth twists, baring her teeth.  "I figured that out already."

Katara gives up and starts smiling.  "You don't get to make the laws either," she drawls.  "You just have to enforce them."

"Yeah, I get that, Sweetness, I'm not stupid."

"I know you're not."  Katara leans back against the flimsy wooden wall of the hastily constructed Republic City Police Provisional Headquarters.  "I'm sorry."

Toph strides forward to shove her away from the wall.  "Don't lean there, you'll knock the wall over."

After Katara springs away, she stares at Republic City's only law enforcement officer.  "What are you going to do when you have to arrest somebody?"

Toph shrugs.  "I'll figure out something when I get there."

It hits Katara then that she hasn't seen Toph bend since she landed in the someday city last night.  "Are you okay?" she asks.

"Yeah," Toph says too quickly.

"You will be," Katara tells her.  "You'll be fine.  You're going to do a great job."  Katara knows Toph can feel that she's telling the truth.


Knowledge Becomes Spirals

She had been a woman when the Sun Warriors hadn't even dreamed of sailing to the islands that would become the Fire Nation.  Her fur was rusty brown and sleek, and when she smiled at him, mouth full of teeth, he smiled back, tongue lolling out of his mouth.  Zei was young, and still excitable.  He was going to take it all in, learn all of it, read every scroll until they became part of him.  She shook her head and told him not to bother trying.  New knowledge was made faster than they could ever hope to keep up with, and it always, always changed.


The first time he brought He Who Knows Ten Thousand Things back a scroll from the world above, it had been written by the Water Tribe boy, and Zei remembered the owl spirit telling the boy he wasn't very bright.  Zei wondered how he would react, but Wan Shi Tong didn't seem to recall.  Later there would be more scrolls with the boy's name in them, and the names of the other children, and the great things they had done, and the great things they had found, and made, and built.

Maybe if he had stayed above ground, if he had left with the children, he would be making knowledge himself.  Maybe the other fox spirits would be learning about him.

But he didn't dwell on it for very long before he headed back to the scrolls.  There was so much still to learn.


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