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It struck me a while back that I accidentally made Hufflepuff!Zuko and Azula white, which is to say if their father is Voldemort, and their mother is Bellatrix, they have two white parents, and crap, I screwed that up.  I also made Mai half white for the sake of a silly pun, and connecting her to an old pureblood family.  So in the interests of not doing that with any of the other characters, here are my universe notes for race, ethnicity, and family in the Hufflepuff!Zuko verse

Uncle Iroh and Aunt Wu, who run the Wizarding orphanage where Zuko and Azula grow up are both some of the earliest Korean adoptees.  Iroh was very close to his adoptive parents, who were Ashkenazi Jewish and both a witch and wizard themselves and took him in after his first adoptive parents, their neighbors, were terrified by his accidental magic when he was still a baby.   His adoptive family raised him Ashkenazi Jewish, and did not attempt to help him forge a connection to his Korean heritage.  Since growing up, he has visited South Korea, and attempted to reclaim that part of his identity, and he had a few difficult years with his adoptive parents while they struggled to come to terms this.  He is still a practicing Jew.  While Iroh's relationship with his adoptive parents was good, though flawed, Wu's relationship with hers was not.  Her father was emotionally abusive to her mother, and her mother leaned on her emotionally, using her as a reassurance and human security blanket.  As she got older, her father became more and more sexually creepy with her, and began to molest her when she was ten.  After she blasted him off her in a burst of accidental magic a few months later, he mostly avoided her.  Then her Hogwarts letter came, and like Harry, she avoided telling her Muggle adoptive family that she couldn't do magic over the summer.  She left home as soon as she graduated, and later went to South Korea, and managed to track down her birth mother, who was a witch too.  They exchanged letters, floo conversations, and occasional visits until her mother's death from old age.

Mai' Nott's father is Theodore Nott's first cousin, and her mother is a Japanese pureblood woman that he met and married while abroad between the Voldemort wars.  She and her mother came to England with him when Mai was four, at the end of the second Voldemort war.  While her father was never a Death Eater, he is a pureblood supremacist.  Her mother, while more interested in social status more generally has her own pureblood biases as well.  Mai thinks they're both idiots.

Ty Lee is half Vietnamese, half Japanese, which is something she and Mai bonded over on the train to Hogwarts.  Unlike Mai, however, both Ty Lee's parents were born in the UK, and are Muggles.  Her family is very well off.  Her father owns a shipping company, and her mother is an investment banker.  Ty is actually her surname, and in primary school, she sometimes went by Leah.  Azula is the one who started calling her Ty Lee instead of Lee Ty, but now everyone t Hogwarts does, including her teachers.

Toph Bei Fong is Chinese by way of Hong Kong, and her family is a very old, very wealthy pureblood family.  She would have been sorted into Slytherin, but she found out Hufflepuff's mascott is a badger, and had a three minute fight with the hat before it gave in and sorted her into Hufflepuff.  She's extremely glad for this, as otherwise she would have shared a dorm with Azula.

Aang is 2nd generation Tibetan, and lives with his grandfather Gyatso.  Magic skipped a generation in his family, as his mother was a muggle and his father was a squib.  He has a cat named Momo as his familiar.

Sokka and Katara are in flux.  I can't decide whether to try to keep them as close to canon as possible and make them Candian Inuit and figure out a reason for them to be going to a British Wizarding school that didn't appear to have any non-british students, or draw inspiration from Katara's name and make them subcontinental Indian, which would make more sense witht he location.  Oy.

Jin, Song, and Teo are siblings in this fic, and they're third generation Chinese.  Their mother was muggleborn and their father was a half-blood, and both were killed in the war.

Haru Teo, Jet, Yue, Hahn, Hide, and On Ji round out the rest of the war orphans, and I haven't decided anything for them yet.

Date: 2014-05-20 05:50 am (UTC)
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have not been on dw for a while, just wanted to say i liked reading this!

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It's funny, post-Book 4 before the fanatic Death Eater in the trial scene had a name and an identity (Bellatrix Lestrange), I wrote a fic where she was a Chinese woman called Meilin Jin. If that version of her had been your Zuko and Azula's mother they'd have been mixed-race.

Come to think of it we don't know how white the British pureblood families are anyway. In fact, as pureblood families have less contact with Muggles, they may have been less bound by Muggle racial strictures. The magical world also had long-distance travel and communication long before Muggles did, with corresponding opportunities for mixed marriages.

Interesting background for Iroh and Aunt Wu, too. I love how diverse the characters' backgrounds are. And of course, Tibetan Aang! W00t!

I also like the idea of Katara and Sokka as subcontinental Indian, too. I kind of want Sokka to be a Muggle/squib, but if he's going to be a wizard I'd love for him to be an aspiring engineering student who's sort of bummed about this whole magic thing. Maybe he could keep trying improbable projects to build working electronics on Hogwarts grounds, extolling the virtue of technology all the while. In my defense, that was part of Sokka's canon character, not an Indian tech whiz stereotype. Well, not entirely a stereotype. Also, the thought of Sokka with a clipped Hindi or Bengali accent makes me swoon.

Date: 2014-05-08 03:21 am (UTC)
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She of the heavy lidded eyes? Looking back on it, I didn't realize how spectacularly white the mains of that series were until years later.

There is one Arabic name in the Pure Blood Directory from Pottermore, and that family is part of the sacred twenty-eight which means they were well regarded by the other pureblood families, and we don't know if other Pureblood families married out of the country rather than marry non-purebloods, so any number of them could have mixed race portions of their family, like this universe's Mai.

Either way, Katara and Sokka are definitely from a Muggle family. I get a kick out of Sokka as a Muggle who is caught between thinking his sister's magic is annoying and freaky, and thinking this is cool, I want to incorporate it into all the science! But I also worry that if he's muggle, he won't ever show up in the universe plotlines, or interact with any of the characters other than Katara.

Date: 2014-05-08 06:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
He could get involved in summer plotlines, and if he isn't far away during the school year he could get involved in adventures to help out his sister and her friends. Alternately he could get in trouble himself and require magical aid. And maybe he could figure out how to get into magical places, use some magical devices and so on!

Date: 2014-05-08 11:55 am (UTC)
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There really isn't whole lot of summer plot, and most of it revolves around the orphanage. On the other hand, Azula waits until she's out of school to start trying to conquer, which means Sokka could team up with them then.

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Why not the best of both worlds for Sokka and Katara? their family was subcontinental indian who moved to northern canada for their father's work. Indian heritage but more memories of snow and ice than they can remember

Date: 2014-05-08 06:39 am (UTC)
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I'm from a long long line of latin americans but then, in my mum's generation, a couple of them when north and refused to move away from the snow regions. Then the next generation of us, those that had never ever left the equator, suddely moved thousands of miles to the farthest raches, Wisconsin, London, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Norway, Alaska. We've held on to our cultural heritage, but there's this visible discomfort with weather when any of us northern brood go back south

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That... really isn't the best of both worlds writing wise, and is in fact the worst of both worlds, i.e., not keeping Katara and Sokka as close to their canon Water Tribe ethnic roots as possible, and then still needing a way to get them to Hogwarts instead of to a Canadian Wizarding school.

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As soon as I get my shit together and finish some of the things already on my plate, I'll run another open meme, and you can ask for it, I promise.

Date: 2014-05-12 02:01 am (UTC)
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The Orkney islands actually have strong ties with Canada and its natives. I ended up in a sweat lodge there once. So, you could have Katara and Sokka coming from the Orkneys and, say, living with their retired grandmother while their father continues to work in Canada.

Date: 2014-05-12 03:57 pm (UTC)
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Thank you. That's really helpful and good to know, and definitely pushes me closer to the Katara and Sokka as Canadian First Nations people in this verse.


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