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Send me any character from any piece o media you know I know about (fandoms, book review books, anything I've mentioned here, etc.)

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Date: 2014-05-10 01:53 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-05-10 02:36 am (UTC)
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character: HE IS MY PRECIOUS (like you didn't know this.

ship with: Everyone, but Mai most of all. It's probably best to say that Maiko is my OTP, but I enjoy stories with Zuko shipped with other people. I also have a ridiculous fondness for Zuko/Yue, in spite of the fact that they never meet in show (headcanon Yue is as into honor as Zuko) and nothing will convince me that Zhao didn't have a creepy thing for him. And I'm deeply fond of Jetko.

brotp: Everyone, again. Zuko is a great taste that goes great with everything, but especially Toph, Katara, and Ty Lee. Also, Iroh-and-Zuko-uncle-and-nephew-adoptive-father-and-son-partners-in-crime shenanigans FTW.

general opinions: I have pretty thoroughly discussed my thoughts on Zuko and the Fire Royals, so I'll just say the writers of A:tLA did something beautiful with Zuko, giving us a sympathetic antagonist at the same time as sympathetic and undoubtedly in the right protagonists, yet making it clear that while Zuko's actions came from a place of pain and he believed he was doing wrong, they were still hurting others. His redemption arc was both absolutely necessary, and deeply moving, and requires a level of nuance so often missing from fantasy, much less children's fantasy. He worked hard to become a good man, and it's glorious to see.

Date: 2014-05-11 06:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
character: LOVE him. (It's been a really long time, good god)

ship with: I don't really ship him with anyone. Aside from the glorious exception of Maiko, I like to ship deeply deeply fucked up pairings, and there really isn't anyone in the Harry Potter verse other than Snape, and maybe Draco who would give me just the kind of fucked up I crave. And Snape is a teacher, and in a position of power, and that's hella skeevy (I like my ships fucked up, not questionably consensual) and Draco is a little snot that I want to punt of cliff, not ship with characters I like.

brotp: THE GOLDEN TRIO FOR THE WIN! Also Neville, and Luna, and I would pay good money for a Mcgonagall and Harry adventure fic, and also I love fucked up Harry-and-Snape mentor fics. Until Zuko and Iroh, I thought the only kind of mentor relationships I liked were the kind in which both parties wanted to kill each other. Oh yes.

general opinions: There's something about the way that most of the time Harry sees much, thinks much, and says little that really appeals to me as a writer. He's not as uncommunicative as some characters I could mention, and he's mostly honest with himself, which makes things so much easier. Also, I love the subtle little ways his childhood has screwed him up that no one he talks to seems to get.


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