Aug. 26th, 2011

attackfish: Jet and Zuko fighting in the teashop, text "Obviously this is the place to come if you want to get murdered by lunatics" (Jet Juko TDL quote)
Disclaimer: If I owned Avatar the Last Airbender, Jet would have lived to cause trouble for everyone. And you know he would be trouble.

Summary: When Zuko and his uncle brought Jet home from under Lake Laogai, they had no idea he was a firebender, or just how deep his hatred for the Fire Nation really ran.

Warning: Jet has some pretty messed up ideas about rape victims that are mentioned in passing.

Author's Note: Written as part of [ profile] atlasecretsanta, for [ profile] suzukiblu. Yes, I know she ran a meme with firebender!Jet, but when I started this way back in what, November? December? she hadn't started it yet, only written a commentfic fill about it and mentioned she liked the idea. Finally finishing this means that I can now go read the fills for that meme. (Seriously, this was due on Christmas Eve, and it's now August, just over eight months later. That's really pathetic. Bad Fish.)

This follows the drabble, "Rising Steam".

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