Aug. 12th, 2013

attackfish: Jet and Zuko fighting in the teashop, text "Obviously this is the place to come if you want to get murdered by lunatics" (Jet Juko TDL quote)
I wrote these drabbles for rounds 76-100 of [ profile] avatar_500 which has now come to the end of it's natural life.

76: Space - Cavernous (200) Asami, It's easier to pretend he still takes care of her. )

77: Lotus - Flowers in the Snow (350) Korra and her White Lotus guards, She's a little girl alone. )

78: Truce - The Sun Sets Burning (300) Ursa and Iroh, he understands why she had to do it. Part of the Zenith and Nadir verse. )

79: Tomb - Morning (200) Zuko and the Fire Sages, To his son, his death is like the sunrise. )

80: Tryst - A Maiden's Dishonor (200) Yue, Yue is free and unmoored. Part of the Zenith and Nadir verse )

81: Kind - What Comes Unforeseen (200) Yue and Pakku, It's the natural conclusion of what he had begun. )

82: Greed - Deserving (275) Zuko, Back then, love had seemed like a fever dream. )

83: Loyalty - If We Never Meet Again (450) Mai and Ty Lee, It feels like the end. )

84: Hide - Corridor of Ghosts (200) Mai and Azula, A children's game. )

85: Creep - Sacred Duty (200) Aang, It's too late to avoid killing. )

86: Mood - Daring One (250) Mai, her mother, and Azula, Mai can only push so far. )

87: Lie - At Home (150) Asami, The lies in our own mind become worn and comfortable. )

88: Circle - A Sweet Sound (120) Zuko and Lin, To him, the word means family. )

89: Look - Open to the Possibilities (275) Aang and the second Bumi, Aang isn't going to stop looking. )

90: Find - Examples (200) Mai and Ozai, She has all the bad examples she needs. )

91: Character - Live With It (200) Aang and Ozai, Power is a cold thing. )

92: Stare - Flower Chains and Teapots (150) Zuko, Zuko has lost. )

93: Glass - Fire Snipe Hunt (300) Zuko and his crew, If they had ever had the opportunity to read Lewis Caroll, they would tell you they had gone through the looking glass. )

94: Weak - Pure Ideals (150) OCs, Hisa listens when others speak. )

95: Knock - Like Tears in the Sun (350) Katara, Toph, and Zuko, They go to each other. )

96: Run - Like the Wind (350) Korra and Tenzin, How do you teach a girl who has been locked away her whole life about freedom? )

97: Truth - Cold Dark Clouds Wrapped Around (250) Ty Lee and Azula, Ty Lee has always known she was safest when the lies she tells herself match the ones Azula tells her. )

98: Whisper - Circus (200) Ty Lee, No one told her her leaving was the easy part. )

99: Wise - Poking at Her (175) Katara, Somehow Katara became the wise old woman others look to. )

100: Betray - Friend (250) Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, and Zuko, That word doesn't mean the same thing to Azula that it means to everyone else. )


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