Jun. 1st, 2014

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I am going to be a teacher. I am studying to teach small children. I have a perfectly good excuse for wanting to read children’s books now, thank you very much, as I will be introducing them to my students. Or you know, it’s because I secretly haven’t left childhood behind myself and have no intention of doing so. No, couldn’t be it. Must be the teaching thing.

Anyway, since I have a better excuse to be reading Middle Grade literature than Young Adult, I’m reviewing a Middle Grade novel for a change.

Sophie's greatest dream for as long as she can remember has been to leave her little village, to be spirited away by the mysterious Schoolmaster who takes one very very good and pretty child, and one very very naughty child to The School for Good and Evil to train them to become fairy tale heroes and villains. She is sure that she would make the perfect fairy tale princess, and if she could make one wish, it would be to take her best friend, the weird and sullen Agatha to be her evil counterpart. But when the day finally comes, and Sophie and Agatha are kidnapped by the Schoolmaster's minions, it’s Agatha chosen to join the School for Good, and Sophie who is relegated to the School for Evil. Can Sophie and Agatha, who just wants to go home, band together to get to where they really belong, or are they stuck where they are and where everyone keeps telling them they are meant to be?

“Well, it’s just that in fairy tales, different usually turns out, um... evil.” )

A sequel for The School for Good and Evil is out, titled A World Without Princes. Chainani says that Prince Tedros will have a larger role in the sequel. Whether this lessens the beautiful, beautiful lesbian subtext, or whether it gets more intense, given that title, I don’t know, but I know what I’ll be reading soon as the library gets it in.

Soman Chainani can be found at his website, somanchainani.net and more about the book The School for Good and Evil, and its sequel can be found at schoolforgoodandevil.com.


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