Jul. 9th, 2014

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So I guess I’m on a little bit of a Holly Black kick.  The local library has all of her books, and I’m lazy enough that I’m not going to go looking for another author before exhausting all of the ones I know I like first.  Also, as I may have mentioned, I’m trying to read more Middle Grade books for actual career reasons, so Doll Bones, being both by Holly Black and Middle Grade, it is.

For as long as they have been friends, Poppy, Zach, and Alice have been playing the same sprawling, never ending game of pretend together, and when they aren’t playing it, they have their heads together planning it, deciding where their dolls and action figures will go next.  Overseeing it all is a very old and very valuable porcelain doll that they have dubbed The Queen.  It’s the Queen who decides, after Zach’s father decides it’s time for him to grow up and throws away his dolls, to take things into her own hands.  hen Poppy tries to take her out of the glass cabinet she has lived in or as long as the three friends can remember, she begins to talk to Poppy in dreams.  Is Poppy just dreaming, is she crazy, is she pretending, or is the Queen really talking to her?  And if the Queen really is talking to Poppy, what does she want, and is she a good queen, or an evil one?

If she was real, then maybe the world was big enough to have magic in it. And if there was magic - even bad magic, and Zach knew it was more likely that there was bad magic than any good kind - then maybe not everyone had a story like his fathers, a story like the kind all the adults he knew told, one about giving up and growing bitter. Anything was better than no magic at all. )

This is sweet, sometimes scary story that kids and adults who like a little spookiness can enjoy.  Really one of my very favorite Holly Black books.

Holly Black can be found online at her website, blackholly.com, or on livejournal, as [livejournal.com profile] blackholly.


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