Sep. 19th, 2014

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Dear Trick or Treat Writer,


I love politics.  I am one class away from a bachelors in Political Science, and I am a political junky.  I love fics that explore the politics and political wranglings of their settings, and all three of the fandoms I requested have lots and lots of room for thatkind of storytelling.  If this interests you, please feel free to write a political procedural.   You will not turn me off.

However, this doesn't mean that politics is  essential for my enjoyment, and I understand that a lot of writers don't go for it.  Other things I really enjoy are Alternate Timeline fics/Canon Divergence AUs, gen darkfic, gen more generally,  pushing characters past the point of desperation, fics where my favorite characters are held prisoner, disabled characters both in stories  discussing their disabilities, and in stories that don't, characters who belong to a gender/sexual minority, family strife, and families of choice. Also angst. I  eat angst up with a spoon.

DO NOT WANT - Rape, incest, character death, allegories to real world political situations, or "total AUs" like high school AUs or coffee shop AUs.  I am however A-okay with brutal psychological torture.

Avatar: the Last Airbender

It's not exactly secret that I enjoy torturing my favorite characters, especially Zuko, and making non-disabled characters disabled.  This is also my very favorite fandom for Alternate Timeline/Canon Divergence AUs.

Also, I'm kind of bummed by the fact that I found out about this too late to nominate characters, but Mai and Ty Lee are my babies and if you can find a way to include them, that would be amazing.

DO NOT WANT - Shipping Azula with anybody. She reminds too much of my first stalker, and it hits way too close to home.
Queen's Thief

Anything at all, but take special note about what I said about loving politics.
Old Kingdom Series

Anything, really, any wonderful thing you can come up with.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender

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