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It’s my birth month, and to celebrate, I’m hosting a commentfic meme!  I’m in the mood to write some AU fics, so that’s the theme of the meme.  I’m open to both Avatar: the Last Airbender and Harry Potter requests, and I’m also taking requests in any of my existing AUs (Except Children of Mars), including the ones I established im my last commentfic meme, as well as new ones.  Comment with up to five requests, and I’ll guarantee you at least one commentfic.  I’ll probably answer with more, knowing me.  [ profile] weirdlet , [ profile] beboots , and [ profile] floranna  get seven requests and a guarantee of two fics, because [ profile] beboots  and [ profile] floranna  are the best betas ever, and [ profile] weirdlet  has a truly bizarre AU I inflicted on her rattling around in her head.  Also, anyone who wants me to write anything from my AU of Sun Child needs to ask [ profile] weirdlet  and [ profile] floranna , because it’s theirs.

*Closed and Finished*

Given that this meme has spawned a fair few universes, sorting the fics by requester would be clunky, so instead, I'm sorting them by universe this time.

One Shot Universes:

Another Wacky Day: Sokka3PO and KataraD2 (Star Wars/A:tLA fusion)
  requested by [ profile] avocado_love 
Oh Come On, Of Course Zuko’s a HufflePuff (Harry Potter/A:tLA crossover) requested by [ profile] avocado_love 
Zuko muses on his fellow ruler, his sister, and the big universal questions of morality NOTE-not actually AU, requested by [ profile] beboots
Dwarf!Toph (D&D fusion, sort of) requested by [ profile] weirdlet 
Don’t even ask- I don’t even- What is wrong with you, woman? (Kyoshi Warrior Ozai) NOTE- Not AU, just crack, requested by [ profile] weirdlet 
Suki's a Firebender requested by [ profile] clockwerkchaos 
Toph is the one who finds Aang requested by [ profile] panaili 
Ozai doesn’t allow the Dragon of the West to join Zuko in exile: Parts One, Two, and Three requested by [ profile] lavanyasix 
The Way to the Walls: Capture (Buried Alive Zuko) One and Two requested by [ profile] floranna 

Mirrorverse (The Avatar is an evil spirit):

Meetings requested by [ profile] clockwerkchaos 
Aang's Little Crush requested by [ profile] gamiel 
In This Verse, Azula Totes Rescues Puppies requested by [ profile] avocado_love 

Lightning Strike (from this commentfic on a previous meme):

Sneaking out of Bed requested by [ profile] lavanyasix 
Zuko and Kuei, chillin’ together requested by [ profile] beboots 

AU of Ice Flows Through:

Mai, taking Azula's plan down from the inside: Parts One, Two, Three, and Four requested by [ profile] beboots 

Quiet Shadowed Places verse (from this shortfic):

Zuko Finds Out He’s Blind requested by [ profile] floranna 
Zuko Can’t Get Any Respect requested by [ profile] beboots 
Fire Bending Masters requested by Hillary (anonymous user)
Agni Kai During Sozin’s Comet requested by Hillary
Toph and Zuko bonding NOTE- crack, and absolutely not universe canon, requested by [ profile] beboots 

Iroh Dies in S2 (from these three commentfics in a previous meme):

Crossroads of Destiny Parts One, Two Three, Four, and Five requested by [ profile] beboots 
The Throne Room requested by [ profile] beboots 
Royalty Lessons requested by [ profile] beboots 

Fail!Incubus Zuko:

Attempted Seduction *warning for sexual coercion and slavery* requested by [ profile] weirdlet 
Courting Mai requested by [ profile] gamiel 

Life Spirit:

Toph Bei Fong requested by [ profile] clockwerkchaos 
Winter When He Goes requested by [ profile] weirdlet 
Zuko and Iroh requested by [ profile] clockwerkchaos 
Sokka and Katara requested by [ profile] clockwerkchaos 

Koizilla Destroys the Fire Nation (from this commentfic from a previous meme):

Song requested by [ profile] clockwerkchaos 

Modern Day:

Toph and Aang Meet requested by [ profile] panaili 
Sleepover requested by [ profile] panaili 

AU of Sun Child:

NOTE- Sun Child belongs to [ profile] weirdlet and an index of fics in that verse can be found here.  This AU of the Sun Child AU began in these two commentfics from a previous meme *Warning for heavily implied Rape by Coercion and Sexually Abusive Dialogue*

Zhao and Zura's Child is Born requested by [ profile] floranna 

Zuko Hurt His Leg on the Run and it Won’t Heal (from this commentfic on a previous meme):

Teo and Zuko Bonding Parts One and Two requested by Hillary
Assistive Technology is a Beautiful Thing requested by Hillary

Suki's a Firebender

Date: 2010-10-02 04:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
“You three have some explaining to do.” The village headman glared down at the captives, arms folded across his chest. Aang gulped.

Behind him, a knot of girls with strange face paint, in strange red and gold armor eyed them impassively. Their leader stood to the headman’s side. “And if you don't answer all our questions, we're throwing you back in the water with the Unagi.”

“Fire Nation!” Sokka gasped. “You’re-”

Katara tried to stick her elbow in her brother’s mouth, but it didn’t quite work. It left a trail of saliva running down her arm. “Ew...”

“That’s it,” snapped the leader of the girls. “Throw them to the Unagi.”

The headman glanced up in exasperation. “Suki!”

Sokka struggled to pull himself up on his bound legs, but he just managed to roll onto his side. “Who are you? Where are the men who ambushed us?”

“There were no men.” Leaping forward, Suki land in the middle of the captives, fist trailing fire as the brought it down next to Sokka’s head. “We ambushed you. Now tell us, who are you and what are you doing here?”

Aang giggled anxiously. “Well, you see, there’s this, well...”

The headman’s eyes narrowed. “How do we know you're not Fire Nation spies? Kyoshi stayed free of the Firelord so far, and we intend to keep it that way!”

“Wait,” Katara cut in. “So you’re not ruled by the Firelord?”

“This island is named for Kyoshi? I know Kyoshi!” Aang tapped his upper lip with his finger. “I thought she was an earth Avatar, though... She’s one of my past lives! I’m the Av-”

Sokka slammed his body into Aang’s. “Shut up.”

Aang scowled at him and snapped his bonds and back-flipped over the crowd, bending the air around him to make himself go higher. “So anybody want to teach me firebending?”

Re: Suki's a Firebender

Date: 2010-10-02 04:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The last line just KILLED me. XD Although Suki as Aang's firebending teacher would be sure to be an AWESOME experience... Heehee - Aang learning firebending while in full makeup and women's armor? It would be awesome.

Re: Suki's a Firebender

Date: 2010-10-02 04:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
AND SUKI WON'T LET HIM NEAR HIS ADORING FANGIRLS!!!11 She is a cruel, cruel firebending master. And you just know she has a dragon. And Sokka and Aang wear girly clothes! Katara is convinced this is the most epic thing ever!


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